These are photos of the exterior and interior of the estate agent ( realtor) we have been using, in France. We had a personal recommendation and I think we have been very fortunate to meet someone who is the opposite of a stereotypical estate agent. The lady in question is funny, charming and has gone out of her way to follow our brief. The cynical, amongst you, are probably thinking – well, it’s her job – and yes, of course it is! Nevertheless, we are delighted with the seven houses she has shown us so far.

Here are a few sample photos but they don’t really do justice to the amazing homes we have seen…

What has been very interesting to me, from a linguistic point of view, is some of the house buying vocabulary: une atmosphère cosy, style loft industriel, fosse septique, en cathédrale.

And what is it about mezzanines? I have never come across so many houses with a mezzanine level, no matter the age or style of the house!

Floor plans – what floor plans?? I’m used to house details with floor plans included. No such thing over here.

Anyway, it’s all very exciting and slightly terrifying! Watch this space….