A month…in France!

Well, here we are back in Languedoc Rousillon or ‘Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées’ as it has been known since January 2016.  Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it? This is the provisional name for the combined regions of Languedoc Roussillon and Midi Pyrénées; no surprises there. The definitive name for this area will be decided in October this year.

We are staying in an Airbnb house, sampling the lifestyle and viewing some properties  that are for sale. Watch this space…


The owners of our temporary home, very kindly, greeted us with a bottle of Limoux, a local sparkling white wine. They also gave us a bottle of ‘syrop de violette’, so that we can make a ”Kir Royal  toulousain’. Now, I love a kir whether it be made with blackcurrant, blackberry or peach liqueur but I’m afraid the violet one didn’t work for me, at all. Although, I must say, it looked very pretty in the glass!


We couldn’t let our first day end without a visit to a pâtisserie! Here’s what we bought:


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