The Night Manager – Tom Hiddlestone

Did you watch the Night Manager? Brilliant drama, in my opinion!


Fantastic story, great locations and amazing cast: Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, David Harewood, Tom Hollander and Elizabeth Debicki.

You may be thinking, okay, but what has this got to do with France?

For research purposes and, of course, enjoyment, I read many other blogs, including:

Zena, who writes this blog, has written some great posts on celebrities who speak French, including Bradley Cooper:

I already knew that Brad (!) had been to uni in France but I had a look at him being interviewed, in French, on YouTube – very good accent, in my opinion – and what should appear but a link to a clip of Tom Hiddleston speaking French!

I must confess that Monsieur Hiddleston wasn’t really on my radar before the Night Manager; although well known to my sons; his films including Thor and the Avengers – not really my genre!

However, having watched this clip of him speaking in several different languages I am totally smitten!

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