French women don’t have Facelifts – Beauty Standards Around the World

Two things have inspired this post: a visit to the library and the French conversation class I attend.

I use our local library a lot. I live in a village and our library is not the biggest but I really like it! I was surprised when I walked in recently and this book was prominently on display!

facelift book


The title intrigued me … However, I can’t say the same for the content and I have failed to get to the finish, after dipping into one or two sections. I guess one reason is because I don’t really care whether French women get facelifts or not and, equally, I’m pretty convinced that some do anyway!

It seemed that some research might be a good idea and here’s what I found.

According to uk.businessinsider.comimage

this table shows the vainest countries in the world!

The book is written by Mireille Guiliano who also wrote ‘ French women don’t get fat’. I’m afraid I haven’t read this book either and based on the ‘facelift’ book, I don’t think I’m likely too in the future!

If people wish to have facelifts, I don’t have any objections but I know I wouldn’t be able to put myself under the knife for something that wasn’t a medical necessity. I’m equally frightened by the idea of Botox, so I’ll just have to age (dis)gracefully!!

Curiously, ‘Parlons de la beauté’ was the topic of our conversation class this week. We discussed the idea of universal beauty and cultural differences. Our teacher showed us a YouTube clip to stimulate discussion. I have to say that Marion is a fantastic teacher who always gets us talking!

Anyway, the clip we were shown is about ‘Beauty Standards Around The World’ & I found it compelling watching. There’s no voiceover so it’s easy to follow:

I guess some of you might have seen this before but I found this fascinating and a great topic for discussion in any language. What do you think? The featured woman is called Esther Honig.

2 thoughts on “French women don’t have Facelifts – Beauty Standards Around the World

  1. I’ve never seen that video and I’m shocked at how the USA’s version of making her beautiful was absolutely disgusting. That young woman doesn’t even need make up at all. Wow. Oh..and I never finished “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.. I found that the book was very self-serving. I have to say, the chart that you inserted was very interesting–and I’m not surprised that the US led the pack. So much is placed on how we look that it really is sad. Have you seen Delta Burke’s face after either fillers or plastic surgery? OMG. It’s awful. This was a great post!!

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