How French are you? Hilarious…!


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There are several quizes about this topic on the Internet, in newspapers, featured in blogs and on Facebook but this one, from the Independent newspaper, caught my attention:

So, I completed the quiz and guess what? The results stated: ‘You are ridiculously French. So French it hurts.’ Ha, ha! Why don’t you have a go?



2 thoughts on “How French are you? Hilarious…!

  1. LOL. I saw that test on FB. I did fine but. BUT I am incredibly French because I complained about how dumb the test was. In fact, all I DO is complain. Bonaparte told me I’m more French than HE is–and he is the real deal. In fact, he’s asked me to stop complaining so much and start acting more American! Heheheh! This is a fun post!


    • Thanks for commenting.There are loads of these annoying – but yet strangely entertaining – quizes around. I find myself completing the personality ones even though I don’t want to?! It’s very unBritish to complain, or so the stereotype suggests. I like taking the moral high ground but I love your rants!!! X


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