When I walked into my French conversation class this week, the first question we were asked was: Êtes – vous romantique?

We discussed the response in pairs and then shared as a group. I think I am quite romantic. I’m a sucker for films that make me cry; in a good way! I love to receive – and give – flowers. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a delicious and intimate meal in an appropriate restaurant with my husband BUT I am not a fan of Valentine’s Day. It strikes me as over commercialised, over marketed and often tacky! Flowers are over priced and menus in restaurants rocket.

I prefer “l’amour quotidien’ – love on a daily basis; little acts or deeds that are part of a long relationship. For me, it can be as simple as my husband putting the kettle on and making me a cup of tea when I come in exhausted or presenting me with my favourite plain chocolate Bounty…

However, this year I have bought a Valentine’s gift! In the middle of the for-mentioned conversation class, inspiration struck – a heart shaped Neufchâtel cheese! Luckily, for me our conversation teacher also owns a delicatessen and the French lessons take place in a room above the shop. Result!image