Les crêpes

I love pancakes! La Chandeleur, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi gras or Pancake Day – whatever the name, I welcome any opportunity to eat pancakes. They can be savoury galettes or sweet crêpes. I enjoy both types.

When I lived in Metz, most Saturday’s included a visit to the market, followed by lunch in a crêperie; bliss! I was very traditional in my choices: a ham and cheese galette, followed by a lemon and sugar crêpe. This would be accompanied by a cup or two of dry cider. My mouth is watering at the thought!

When we spent holidays in Brittany, with our sons, we introduced them to the delight of crêperies. A trip to France isn’t complete, for me, without a visit to a crêperie.

As a French teacher, one of the favourite topics we covered was ordering pancakes, inventing unusual fillings and even cooking them! My students were always reduced to hysterical laughter when I told them that one of the things I enjoyed most when visiting France was having ‘a big crêpe’…! Sorry.

You can even learn French while cooking crêpes. Here’s a fun clip, I hope you’ll enjoy:

I’m off to cook some pancakes for the family and I am going to experiment with a ‘clean eating ‘ recipe. Watch this space and, if you have time, I’d love to know what your favourite type of pancake might be.

2 thoughts on “Les crêpes

  1. I’m fond of the Buckwheat crepes from Brittany. However, when I make crepes at home, they are not the buckwheat kind. My family loves when I make either the Nutella crepes or the buttery, sugary banana crepes. Since I’m doing Paleo at the moment, I’m going to try my hand at Chickpea crepes tonight! I need to get into top shape before my return to France in June so I can just eat my way through the cote d’azur!


    • Thanks for reading & your comment! I’m afraid my clean eating pancakes were an epic fail. Ugh! It’s back traditional ones for me. I’ll be really interested to know how your Chickpea crêpes turn out. The last time I lived in France, I put on more weight in one year, than I did when I was pregnant! So much lovely wine & food; my whole social life seemed to revolve around eating! Went back to usual size when I got home. LOL!


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