On the 30 Dec, an email landed in my inbox with the subject: ‘Your 2015 in blogging’.

This turned out to be my ‘Annual Report’ from WordPress.com with all the data on my blog’s activity in 2015. I’m not necessarily fascinated by data but as it was connected with my blog, I suddenly became inordinately interested!

Out of all my posts, it turned out that the most popular one was: ‘FAIRE LA BISE’ – TO KISS OR NOT TO KISS? If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the link:


And once you’ve decided whether to kiss and how many times, your next thought may be: ‘How to French kiss in France’!! According to Géraldine, of ‘Comme une Française’, there are several different types of ‘French kiss’. Of course the term ‘French kiss’ can have other connotations in English (!) but Geraldine’s clip clarifies everything…Here’s the link:

As for my ‘rocking resolutions’? Well, to be perfectly honest I haven’t made any, although I have read some fantastic blogging resolutions from some other bloggers. I tend to shy away from New Year Resolutions as I don’t usually keep them and I often return from a holiday or trip away with plenty of good intentions – a synonym for resolutions – which often fall by the wayside. Although I have no doubt that they work for some people.

I’d love to know what you think of the clip and if you’ve been able to stick to your resolutions!