I love music. I listen to music a great deal, when I’m driving, when I’m cooking, when I’m working, when I exercise and just for the pure pleasure of, well, listening! As a teacher of French I used music in my lessons to help students memorise phrases and vocabulary and practise intonation but mainly because it was fun!
Music is like a soundtrack to my life; a certain song can transport me to places I have visited, people I have known and unlock marvellous memories. In this context, I have been thinking about the French music I have loved and still enjoy.However, I must be honest and admit that, in my opinion, French music is not one of the country’s strongest exports! When I was living and teaching in France, every time I switched on the radio I mostly heard English or American tracks. So, I have been reflecting on some of songs that have had meaning for me, over the years.
One of the first French songs I remember hearing was Françoise Hardy ‘les garçons et les filles ‘. The clip is in black and white and I believe the song was released in 1962. Makes me feel ancient but I was at primary school!

The first French record/LP/vinyl that I bought was by Véronique Sanson and is still up in my loft somewhere. This brings back very happy memories of a summer spent at Grenoble University. How to choose one track? Her most famous song is probably ‘Amoureuse’ but it’s not my favourite, so here is another one:


Then there was Julien Clerc:

Although it has been some time since I listened to the singers I have already mentioned, I do still listen to ‘Moon Safari’ by Air. Here’s my favourite track from this very relaxing album:

And, most recently, I have been enjoying Indila with : Dernière Danse – annoyingly catchy?!

These are just a few examples of my ‘French Soundtrack’ . I’d love to know what French music you enjoy…