This headline has been appearing all over the place and as someone who is partial to the odd glass or three; I thought this would be worth investigating! Talking about champagne after the terrible attacks in Paris, might seem inappropriate perhaps, but if you read on to the end of the post, you will find that there is a link.

Apparently, a recent study suggests that drinking three glasses of champagne every day can help to prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at Reading University discovered that a compound in red grapes is the important factor. However, it appears that the research was carried out on rats…

Drinking champagne can also improve your memory, it is claimed. I’m not convinced of this one! I would suggest that if you drink too much, it would have the opposite effect. Well, in my case, anyway! Much has been made of red wine’s benefits for the heart, but champagne also contains high levels of polyphenols – antioxidants – that can lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems.

However, I don’t see champagne being prescribed by the NHS, any time soon. If you want to find out their take on this research, follow this link:

The events in Paris are still very much in my thoughts and I found this very moving: Joann Sfar, a cartoonist for Charlie Hebdo, has shared a touching drawing on Instagram.image

I hope you can make the link, too. Thanks for reading and comments welcomed!