How to fake it … speaking French that is!

The clip below has already featured on various blogs and web sites and it never fails to make me smile!

The originator of the clip is Erica Guaca who is from Seattle and who has moved to France.

I must confess that I have suggested some of these strategies to my students – depending on the age group, of course! I’ve even implemented some of them myself!

How about you? Have you ever ‘faked’ speaking French?

7 thoughts on “How to fake it … speaking French that is!

  1. It’s brilliant, isn’t it? I still occasionally fake understanding English, rather than ask someone to repeat themselves for the fourth time 🙂 I wonder what the English equivalent of this post would be? Lots of Mmm, okay, ‘of course’ and ‘really?’


    • Thanks for your comment and it made me think about the ‘fillers’ we use in English. I agree with all those you suggested, as well as Um, uh, you know, so, etc etc! Isn’t language fascinating?!


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