Nutella … news!

This was lurking in the back of a kitchen cupboard!

This was lurking in the back of a kitchen cupboard!

Do you like Nutella? This hazelnut-chocolate spread is a bit sweet for me but it’s one of those items I always associate with France because that’s where I was first introduced to the product. All my French friends, with children, had a jar of Nutella in their kitchen cupboard. When my sons were young, I always had Nutella in stock, too. It was very popular with sleepover guests, particularly on pancakes!

I love baking and was searching for inspiration when I came across the Nutella jar at the back of my kitchen cupboard and decided to make a Nutella cake – Nigella Lawson has some great Nutella recipes – which led to this post.

Nutella was developed in Italy in the late 1940’s by the Ferrero Company and was first marketed in France in 1965 and has been extraordinarily popular, especially at breakfast time – on croissants or baguette…

However, last June, Nutella hit the news when France’s Environment Minister, Ségolène Royal, urged people to stop eating Nutella because it is made with palm oil and therefore could damage the environment. This did not go down well in Italy and, as a result, Ms Royal later offered “a thousand apologies”.

Are you a Nutella fan? I’d love to know and also how you eat your Nutella or do you use it for baking, like me?

2 thoughts on “Nutella … news!

  1. I love Nutella and make sure that I stuff my Anerucan face with a few Nutella Crepes when walking around the Parisian Streets! My love for them inspired me to purchase a crepe pan and when the kids are home it’s Nutella crepe time ! I also make a mean Nutella pie! My Frenchman, Bonaparte , is not a fan though. That means the Nuttella is only for me and just for me!

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