There’s something about hugging – except in France?!

I must confess I am a fan of hugging. Hugs can be used as a greeting, to comfort or congratulate, to thank, as well as for many other reasons. In America, there is even a ‘National Hugging Day’. I find it fascinating the way different cultures view hugging. Somehow, when I was living in France, I don’t think I fully appreciated how hugging is not – generally – enjoyed in France. So much so that the blog, ‘Oui in France’, written by an American living in the west of the country, outlined the potential pitfalls in an article called “Don’t ever hug a French person”.

When I was researching my post I discovered that there isn’t really a word for hug. Embrasser means to kiss. A câlin is a cuddle but not a hug…

I think it’s well worth having a look at this clip from the blog: ‘Comme une française’ entitled ‘Cultural differences: How to scare a French person.’

I know a variety of nationalities read this blog. What is your view on hugging?  I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “There’s something about hugging – except in France?!

  1. Hello, I’d just wanted to let you know that in the 14th century, embrasser actually meant ‘serrer dans ses bras’ which describes hugging. The meaning changed later on! Where in France would you like to live then? x Nicky


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