In November, Eddie Izzard received The 2014 Public Language Champion award. Guardian readers had been invited to nominate public figures who promote the value of speaking another language.

Eddie Izzard is a long-time supporter of language learning. His international tour, Force Majeure, involves him speaking French, German, Spanish and Arabic.

I think his words totally sum up the importance of learning another language and what the benefits are. I couldn’t have put it better myself!

He said. “I believe we have to tell people that learning another language is actually an adventure. It is tough, it needs work, but what it will do is that it will open up another country to you with all the colours of their people, their food, their customs, their sports and their culture. And you will become a better human being by going on that adventure.”

Arsène Wenger, manager of Arsenal football club, won the award last year.

Having admired Eddie’s ability to speak and learn new languages, for some time, I think he was the perfect choice for this award. Do you agree? And do you have any other suggestions for the award, perhaps?
Here’s a clip from one of Eddie’s performances in which he’s talking about learning French. If you are easily offended by ‘bad’ language, it may not be for you ….