photoAs a confirmed lover of almost everything French, how do I get my France fix when I’m not actually there? Here are a few of the ways I do:

– By reading ‘France’ magazine. I was given a subscription to this monthly mag as a Christmas present. It’s a real treat when the current edition drops through the letterbox! You can get a hard copy or digital edition, if you prefer. An article in this month’s edition, ’58 ways to pretend to be in France’, inspired this post. As well as travel items, features include food, wine, culture and language, to name but a few.

– By listening to French music. A single song or a stunning soundtrack can take me across the water and bring back memories of wonderful times past. Some of my favourites range from ‘Champs-Élysées’ by Joe Dassin, to the soundtrack of Amélie, alongside music from Air, Edith Piaf and even Carla Bruni!

– By watching French films. These have always been a passion of mine and these days they are so accessible. I love to settle down with a cup of tea – not very French! – or a glass of wine and immerse myself in Paris or somewhere else in France. Some of my favourites include Amélie, Paris, je t’aime, Jean de Florette and Caché. Films that aren’t actually French but are set in France work for me too! Midnight in Paris and Before Sunset, for example.

– By using French perfume. A quick spray from my favourite perfume can lift my spirits on the most grey, dull, depressing day. My current favourite is ‘La vie est belle’!

There are many other ways I get my ‘French fix’, via books, visits to restaurants and the internet but I’m wondering if you are a confirmed Francophile, how do you get yours…?!